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At Olaprep, we believe that every child possesses unique talents and gifts waiting to be discovered. Our specialized tuition and academic consultation services are designed to provide the necessary attention and guidance to bring out the best in your child. Whether they excel in academics, arts, sports, or have a passion for a specific career path, we are dedicated to helping them navigate their journey towards a fulfilling and successful future.

Olaitan Faloye
Founder, Olaprep

Specialist tuition

Our expert tutors provide specialized one-on-one tuition in various subjects, tailoring their approach to meet the unique learning needs of each student. We foster a deep understanding of key concepts, enhance academic skills, and boost confidence, paving the way for academic excellence.

Academic Consultation

Our dedicated team of academic consultants offers personalized guidance and support to help students gain admission to their desired schools or universities. We provide strategic advice on crafting compelling applications, including personal statements and reference letters, ensuring that each application stands out. Our consultants also offer valuable insights into the selection criteria of top institutions, helping students make informed decisions that align with their academic goals and aspirations.

Guardianship & Representation

we offer guardianship services to ensure your child's well-being and safety. Our dedicated team acts as responsible guardians, providing support, advocacy, and representation for students during their educational journey away from home.

Academic Supervision & Mentoring

Our academic supervision and mentoring services provide ongoing support and guidance to students. We ensure they stay on track with their studies, develop effective study habits, and overcome any academic challenges they may encounter. Our mentors serve as trusted advisors, nurturing personal growth and academic success.

Admissions Tests Preparation

We offer comprehensive preparation programs for secondary school, sixth-form and university admissions tests. Our experienced tutors equip students with the necessary skills and strategies to excel in these assessments, increasing their chances of securing placement in their desired schools or universities.

Career Support

Our career support services assist students in exploring career options, developing career plans, and making informed decisions about their future. We provide guidance on university choices, internship opportunities, and industry insights, equipping students with the tools and knowledge to pursue a successful career.
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