Simplifying the Secondary School Admissions Process  

Navigating the complexities of your child's secondary school admissions process can be overwhelming. Let Olaprep be your guiding partner, managing every aspect from school identification to mastering the final interview.

We understand the challenges that both children and parents face in preparing for admissions - especially as an International student seeking admissions to top UK schools . Olaprep consultants are committed to streamlining every stage, ensuring a stress-free journey. Our comprehensive support includes school identification, personalised tuition, mock exams, interview preparation, and even assistance with visa applications. With Olaprep, your efforts are strategically directed, making the school admissions process smoother and more successful.

Discovery Session

We conduct a comprehensive discovery session to gain valuable insights into your child's unique needs, interests, and academic background. This session sets the foundation for a personalized consultancy plan tailored to your child's educational goals.

Holistic Assessment and Customized Tuition

We employ a holistic assessment approach to evaluate your child's academic strengths, areas for improvement, and learning style. Based on the assessment results, our team of expert tutors provides customized tuition that addresses their specific needs, ensuring comprehensive academic development and exam success.

School Selection and Immersive Tours

We assist you in the meticulous process of selecting the ideal schools that align with your child's aspirations and educational requirements. Additionally, we arrange immersive school tours, allowing you and your child to experience the school environments firsthand, fostering a deeper understanding and informed decision-making.

Admission Offers and Visa Facilitation

Our dedicated team facilitates open communication between you and the preferred schools, ensuring a smooth application and admissions process. We provide support throughout, helping you navigate offers, negotiate terms, and handle any necessary visa applications with efficiency and precision.

Preparing for Day One and Ongoing Support

As your child's first day at the chosen school approaches, we provide comprehensive assistance to ensure a seamless transition. We guide you through the necessary preparations, such as familiarizing your child with school policies, arranging required supplies, and addressing any concerns. Our ongoing support remains available to provide guidance and assistance throughout your child's academic journey.
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